Try And Stop Us
First rule: Try. Second rule: Try again.
Life will hurt sometimes.
This game will give you strength.
To never give up, give in, or give an inch.
Whatever your size, shape, or story.
There’s nothing you can’t tackle.
No line you can’t break.
No obstacle you can’t get over.
Or power straight through.
There'll be judgers, disapprovers, non-believers.
Fear less. Play more.
Because once you’ve started, you can’t be stopped.

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Start Rugby. Become Unstoppable.
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Maelle Filopon - France
Women's Feature News Women in Rugby
Maëlle Filopon: "I understand movement better and now it’s much easier"
One of the ‘Unstoppables’ in World Rugby’s new campaign to promote women in rugby, Maëlle Filopon was attracted to the sport by its values and has not let an hereditary condition that has resulted in reduced hearing prevent her from playing international rugby for France.
Barbarians Women Training
Women's Feature News Hall of Fame Women in Rugby
Anna Richards: “I don’t want to put a limit, you’ve got to dream”
New Zealand's four-time Women's Rugby World Cup winner and World Rugby Hall of Fame inductee Anna Richards believes you are never to young to stop learning and evolving and that there is no ceiling to the potential of women in rugby.
Leidy Soto - Colombia
Women's Sevens Feature News Women in Rugby
Leidy Soto: “Rugby has given us the prerogative to stand up for ourselves”
One of the ‘Unstoppables’ in World Rugby’s new campaign to promote women in rugby, Youth Olympic Games 2018 participant Leidy Soto credits rugby with giving her the means to escape not only the violence of her Castilla neighbourhood, but also the perceptions of women that pervaded both Colombia and her family.
Laurian Johannes - new South Africa Women's U20 head coach
Women's Feature News Women in Rugby
Laurian Johannes: "I always wanted to give back to the game I love so passionately"
Laurian Johannes may have had to 'trick' her father into buying her first pair of boots, but her passion and drive has seen her go on to play for South Africa and now become the country's first female head coach of a national team. She's not quite finished yet, though, with one big dream still to accomplish.
Bianca Silva - Brazil
Women's Feature News Women in Rugby
Bianca Silva: “I don’t care what the difficulties are, I’m going to do it”
One of the ‘Unstoppables’ in World Rugby’s new campaign to promote women in rugby, Brazil sevens star Bianca Silva has come a long way since being introduced to the game via the Rugby Para Todos social project but she’s not finished yet and is determined not to let anything to stand in her way.
Sweta Shahi - India
Women's Feature News Women in Rugby
Sweta Shahi: “I want to break down barriers and change the mindset”
One of the ‘Unstoppables’ in World Rugby’s new campaign to promote women in rugby, Sweta Shahi found rugby by chance but is now an India sevens international and determined to change the perceptions of many in her country that women shouldn’t play the sport.
hero web banner square HD
Media release Women's News Women's Development Women in Rugby
World Rugby launches global campaign to revolutionise women’s rugby
World Rugby launches a new ‘Women in Rugby’ brand identity and landmark global campaign ‘Try and Stop Us’ aimed at driving increased participation and engagement among fans, audiences, players and investors in the women’s game.
Women's Feature News impact inspiring engagement Women's Development Women in Rugby
Katie Sadleir: “I think the biggest achievement has been how the world has embraced us”
World Rugby's General Manager for Women's Rugby Katie Sadleir discusses her time in the role, the success stories to date, her future hopes and a desire to ultimately make her role redundant.
Stacey Waaka - New Zealand
Women in Rugby
Stacey Waaka: “I believe everything happens for a reason”
One of the ‘Unstoppables’ in World Rugby’s new campaign to promote women in rugby, Black Ferns star Stacey Waaka is one of a select few to have won Rugby World Cups in sevens and 15s but she may never have had the opportunity to write her name into the history books after being involved in a serious bus crash aged 15.
Ana Aziz - Malaysia
Women in Rugby
Norfarahana Aziz: “I feel very proud to have inspired other Malaysian women to play rugby”
One of the ‘Unstoppables’ in World Rugby’s new campaign to promote women in rugby, Norfarahana Aziz was the first to play rugby for Malaysia while wearing a hijab and has inspired other Muslim women to play the game she loves and has given her new opportunities in life.