Scotland: Claire Bain

Former Scotland fly-half hopes Gallagher High Performance Academy will take her outside comfort zone.

Claire Bain has no regrets about swapping ballet for rugby.

They did not play rugby when Claire Bain started school in Cupar, in Fifeshire, but she is indebted to the teacher who was talked into starting after-school sessions.

“There was no team, but we managed to talk a geography teacher into starting rugby after school,” Bain told World Rugby.

Bain’s rugby journey took her through Scotland’s pathway system into the senior side, where she is now passing on her knowledge and passion for the game as one of her country’s talented emerging coaches.

“I enjoy working with players and other coaches, trying to better players and the team as a collective,” she said.

“I also enjoy the tactical side of rugby; previewing, planning and working with players to break down teams.”

Bain is currently assistant coach of Watsonians Women in Edinburgh and has also coached Edinburgh Regional Academy’s Under-16s boys’ team.

Her involvement in the Gallagher High Performance Academy has already had an impact in her coaching development.

“The Academy presented an amazing opportunity to push myself outside my comfort zone into new environments; to learn from other coaches around the world and get an insight into different coaching cultures and philosophies,” said Bain.

“The programme has given me an insight into where I am on my coaching journey; putting plans into place on working on the competencies we explored; as well as a full appreciation of what goes on behind-the-scenes from a coach’s perspective.”

“It’s been great to learn on and off the pitch, as well as learning from others.”

“There are a lot of aspects from the programme that I am going to continue to put into practice, as well as investing more time developing myself as a coach.”

Last updated: Mar 28, 2024, 2:17:17 PM