Samoa: Alaiumu Sao Taliu

Rugby a force for positive change for Alaiumu Sao Taliu

Samoan coach to share her experiences on the Gallagher High Performance Academy 

Rugby played an important part in helping Alaiumu Sao Taliu through a challenging period in her life, now she hopes to use her experiences to help others. 

Taliu had a difficult pregnancy in 2018 before she gave birth to her daughter, Hudson, but taking up coaching with the College Rifles rugby club in Auckland gave her different and positive focus. 

“My favourite rugby memory is when I started to coach in 2018 which served a greater grace to my journey,” Taliu told World Rugby. 

“I was pregnant with my daughter and I was going through some hardship, so I was not in a great space.

“Rugby saved me, with the help of my family and friends. It did some wonders to my mind. That year I stayed focused, enjoyed all the memories I had with friends and the most fun I had in coaching was that year.

“What began as a hard start to that year ended with great rewards, watching College Rifles win their competition and then giving a week after to my daughter. 

“That year I took my hardship and used it to help me get back to what I love which is being involved in rugby and a great mother to Hudson.” 

Taliu’s rugby journey began by playing rugby with her eight siblings to provincial rugby as a fly-half. In addition to being assistant coach at College Rifles she is now attack coach for Auckland Thunder- the province’s development team – and is looking forward to continuing her progression at the Gallagher High Performance Academy. 

“I hope that I will be challenged at the Academy and that I can use all the learnings I receive from the Academy to make a positive change,” she said. 

“I hope that I can overcome challenges that I may face because this will help me to continue to grow.” 

Last updated: Oct 19, 2023, 1:54:48 PM